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We are a family business with 35 years experience. Chris Kare is proud to offer basement finishing services in Volo, IL and the surrounding Chicago area. Call us today for a free estimate.

Our Basement Finishing & Remodeling is…

1. Attractive as the upstairs of a beautiful home.

Many finished basements look like a dressed up basement, and do not add much value to your home. The quality of work and the materials used are subpar. In contrast, a superior basement should look like the upstairs of a luxury home.
With our mold & mildew resistant materials and construction techniques your basement remodel will result in a high quality constructed living space where you will enjoy hours of fun.
There are no restrictions on colors or decorating ideas in our basement renovation. Unlike modular systems that are finished with a fabric/wall paper type material and have a seam every 4 feet that needs to be hidden, we can customize every facet of your new basement.

2. Designed exclusively for the basement. Safe, mold and moisture resistant.

Basements are below grade, naturally cooler and more humid than the main floors of a home. As a result they can be a source of moisture resulting in mildew and mold and poor air quality.
All of our basement finishing materials and techniques have been exclusively designed for the basement.

All of our basement remodel components have been exclusively designed for the basement.

  • ‘Healthy Wall Construction’™ is a Mold and Mildew Resistant Insulated Wall
  • Fire Rating, adding safety to your luxury living space
  • Can lower your energy bills & provide superior sound reduction
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality

3. Cost Effective

Remodeler Magazine reports that a finished basement will retain a vast majority of the original investment! There are not many remodeling projects that can retain value like a superior finished basement.
Investing in finishing your already existing basement is a good choice. Chris Kare is committed to providing superior products at cost effective prices.
You can rest assured that we will give you “The Healthy Fun Basement” you deserve at affordable price! GUARANTEED!

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